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Think before you walk your dog!

Is a harness a better option than a collar to attach your lead to?

What is the best type of leash to use?

Great article discussing the pluses & minuses of a collar versus a harness.

And check out the list of links to other articles at the end of this post.

COLLARS AND HARNESSES FOR DOGS -- Anthony (RePAWSitory) Dogs wear collars. We put collars on dogs. It's just what we do. Most of us don't even think much past making sure it is not too loose or too tight. But, if you've not put much thought into it, maybe it's time you did. . There really isn't much of anything that's more gratifying and enjoyable than going for a nice, brisk walk with your furry loved ones. At least that's how I feel when I take Milo and Olive to our local park. They enjoy the fresh air and opportunities to sniff out the other local dogs that have been walking the park as well, and it's a great way to get in some exercise for both them and myself. What most people tend to overlook is the type of restraint that they place on or around their dog's neck and body. An improper collar around the neck, especially on a dog that pulls and has not been properly trained to walk on a leash, can cause serious injury. An unforeseeable incident or accident can also cause injury. From neck to trachea to spinal injuries, an improper collar and restraint system can cause long lasting issues for your dog. Often, people realize this is a concern for small dogs, but it is a concern for all size dogs. I have been using harnesses for my dogs since day one. Harnesses that provide good padding, do not restrain at the neck and provide free-range of motion around the legs and shoulders. I believe a harness that is properly fitted, allowing for the most natural movement, is what's best for my dogs and gives me peace of mind that I'm not causing injury or chronic wear-and-tear to my two best friends. . If you haven't taken your dogs walking gear, or vehicle restraint system, into consideration and done your own research, now is the time to do so --- for your dog's long term health and your peace of mind. Here at the Repawsitory, we do not think attaching the leash to any dog's collar is a good idea. There can be accidents and acute injuries even with well-trained dogs. Collars are great as tag holders, but we prefer a properly fitted harness that does not restrain the area around the neck or restrict the dog's natural movement. Some people say a dog will pull more when on harness, but it has been our experience that training a dog not to pull works as well for harnesses as training a dog not to pull on collar. Many experts suggest a break-away style collar for dogs when in the home to prevent injury, even fatalities, that have been known to occur.

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This article was posted by RePAWSitory on their Facebook page May 3, 2019.

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