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Vets Warn Dog Owners Of The Dangers Of Marrow Bones

Dog owners everywhere love to reward their pets by providing them with bones to chew on, but did you know that you could be potentially placing your best friend in serious danger by doing so? Thanks to the good people at Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic, we can all learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of giving marrow bones to our pups.

The dog that you’re looking at in this photo is in a world of hurt, as the pet has managed to get a bone lodged over its lower jaw. While this might seem humorous, the situation is actually rather serious and the animal required immediate medical attention as a result of the issue.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident and it seems to be happening on a more and more frequent basis. North York, Canada firefighters were recently contacted about a woman (whose dog’s name is Ginger) who happened to find herself in the exact same predicament.

She stopped at the fire house on her way to the animal hospital and the bone was eventually removed. Once these bones become locked onto the jaw, the fangs are responsible for holding it into place, which makes removal quite challenging in most instances.

The bones can be cut apart, but if that does not work? The dog’s teeth can experience cracking or splitting as a result of this all too common issue. Please choose the bones that you are giving your dog wisely, so that you are potentially placing the animal’s short and long term health in danger.

That’s why this is a story that needs to be shared as soon as possible, with as many people as possible. Let’s band together and do our absolute best to ensure that no dog is ever forced to experience such a frightening and awful ordeal ever again.

By: Christine of Goodfullness 7/5/17

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