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The Journey to Harmony

We all want our pets to live longer, healthier lives. How can you help your pet live a longer, healthier life? PET | TAO’s founders, Dr. Marc Smith and Dr. Casey Damron, are here to show you how!

Drs. Smith and Damron practice veterinary medicine daily, accumulating over 30 combined years of veterinary experience. Their daily work with animals revealed one particular health pattern:

Poor diet and inadequate nutrition result in chronic illness.

But what constitutes a good diet and adequate nutrition? Western guidelines left some of the doctors’ concerns unanswered. Thus began their journey into Eastern Food Therapy.

Food is medicine. Feeding the correct food for your pet improves his or her health in amazing ways. Dr. Smith and Dr. Damron found the key to longer, healthier lives for pets: the right food. Using little-known Eastern concepts, they created PET | TAO.

Fabulous food & products using Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).

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Food Energetics

Food Energetics is an Eastern philosophy. Instead of caloric energy, TCVM food therapy sees each naturally occurring food as having an innate energetic quality: warming, cooling, or neutral. 

The Five Element Theory 

The Five Element Theory embodies the five major body organs: heart, spleen, lung, kidney, and liver. 

In short, it describes how consum­ing specific foods can help improve the functioning of the major organs. 

Yin & Yang

According to Yin & Yang philosophy, a body out of balance is prone to illness.

Subsequently, bringing the body back into balance restores harmony and health.

Examples of Yin and Yang Health Challenges

Yin and yang deficiencies are simple examples of energetic imbalance. 

The underlying imbalances cause obvious symptoms in pets.

For instance, Yin Deficiency often leads to:

  • Insomnia

  • Overheating

  • Weight Loss

  • Excessive Thirst

And, Yang Deficiency often leads to: 

  • Mental Lethargy

  • Bloating

  • Sore Joints

  • Cold Extremities

Western medicine often uses pharmaceuticals to mask the symptoms of energetic imbalance.

Eastern medicine, on the other hand, works on the root cause. In other words, Eastern medicine uses food, herbs, acupuncture, etc. to naturally bring your pet back into balance.

Luckily, PET | TAO Solution formulas help bring energetically unbalanced pets back into balance.


TCVM Supplements


PET | TAO also combines Eastern herbs with Western vitamins and minerals support the body’s natural healing process. 

  • Comfort – Soothes aches and discomfort associated with normal daily activity or exercise.

  • Complement Immune – Mushroom blend supporting immunostimulating proteoglycans and polysaccharides to support Natural Killer (NK) and T-helper cells.

  • Harmonize Joint – Natural support and maintenance of joint health and flexibility.

  • Soothe Bladder– Herbal support for normal urinary tract health and pH.

  • Daily Vitamins – A comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids for your dog.

  • Harmonize GI – Support for normal digestive balance, consistent stool quality, and gastrointestinal health.

Therapeutic Treats


Using the theory of “Like Treats Like”, PET | TAP freeze-dried treats harmonize the following imbalances.

  • Lung – Lung treats help pets suffering from lung diseases and skin allergies.

  • Heart – Heart treats help pets with cardiac challenges or behavioral issues.

  • Spleen – Spleen treats help pets suffering from diarrhea, vomiting and muscle problems.

  • Liver – Liver treats help pets with liver diseases.

  • Kidney – Kidney treats help pets suffering from arthritis, hearing loss, urinary tract diseases, and kidney failure.

  • Salmon – Salmon treats helps pets suffering from inflammation.



PET | TAO food therapy products are formulated and designed by practicing holistic TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) veterinarians, Dr. Marc Smith, and Dr. Casey Damron. Our products are color-coded, making it easy for you to choose the right products for your pet to thrive.  Available in can & freeze dried. 

Maintain Harmony

To maintain a healthy state, feed your pet our delicious and nutritious Harmony Formula.

Provide Solutions

Is your pet energetically unbalanced and not in harmony? We can help! 

In fact, PET | TAO Solution Formulas actually help bring your pet back into energetic balance.

  • Chill – Formulated with energetically cooling ingredients to clear heat and toxins.

  • Blaze – Formulated with energetically warming ingredients to warm and energize.

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