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A pet being lost is never a fun situation. 

Here are some tips to help with your search. 


Get the information out there that you lost your pet.  This includes making flyers, email blasts in your community, posting on social media and every where that people may be looking.  Make sure you include your pet's name, breed, markings, contact information, where you last saw the pet, etc.


Make sure to contact all your local vets, groomers, pet professionals, pet stores, shelters, animal control centers and send them a flyer too.


Some important tips about your lost pet:

A lost pet is not in their mind & body.  They are in flight/fight mode aka survival mode.


Chasing, fast moves, jerky arm movements, screaming, bright flashlights, loud noise, etc will scare the hell out of them. Everyone, even their mom sadly, is the enemy right now as they are not in their right mind or body, not in their element and not in their right frame of mind.... they are just scared and trying to survive. 


The pet sees you/you see them-just sit down slowly, be quiet, talk softly and call their name 'its ok <name>' kind of things.


Imagine/visualize a line between their heart and yours. Draw him/her into yours.  Put a pink bubble of love around him/her and let him/her visually know they are safe.  


Surround yourself and the area with items that have your sent, the pet’s favorite bed, toys, treats- familiar things.


If you have food (smellier the better ie:  McDonalds burger, bacon, etc), slow gentle motion as to not scare him/her.  Toss it out far enough so he/she doesn't see it as a threat.  Keep each toss a little closer. Have a slip leash ready if he/she comes close.  If you do not have one, take your leash and thread the toggle end thru the loop end and create a slip leash.  Do not lasso him/her right away.  Hold your hand out, let him/her sniff, let him/her eat out of it, let  him/her let you pet them then with no sudden moves get it on him/her.....let him/her come to you and trust, feel safe. 


Everything has to be on his/her terms. She/he is in a strange mindset right now.  She/he has to trust again!  Once she/he takes down their survival/fear/fight mode, they  will start to feel comfy and warm up to you.  It may take a long time hour(s)- they have to do it on their own terms, even with their mom. 


Always remember.....everyone is the enemy even if he/she knows and loves you as he/she is in a strange environment, location.  They need  to trust again!  This will only happen if you do not push.


 I work a lot with lost animals via animal communication.  Many have been safely returned home after communicating with them.  Please learn more under the 'Intuitive' & 'testimonial' links.

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