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Simon's mom just received some unhappy news. She is trying to determine what to do and felt her dog should share in the decision. 

WOW.....What an absolutely beautiful reading Julie. I can't tell you what a gift this is.  Huge TY!!! I will continue to digest and think on the points that came up.

This morning as I attempted to read it aloud,  and to myself, he kept barking and sometimes whimpering.  Literally, everytime I looked at your words he tried to distract me ...IDK...... The behaviour stopped as soon as I stepped away from it energetically.   


The nose that kept coming us is our way of communicating.   I trained him along time ago to give me a small "kiss on my nose please" and we've been connecting that way for a long, long time now.  I'm sure that's where that came from.  He's showing me that our connection will always be there.  


Pumpkin:   I think I need some sugar free pumpkin since he seems desperate to get some!!  LOL (found out she already gave him a little before the reading).

I will also share this.....the image of the soft bed with grey comforter is right on target.  At the end of each day he would run across the house and leap on the bed and bark for me to join him.  


What a gift Julie!  Never doubt yourself. I'll keep resonating on all the wisdom you have shared.  

Hugs to you!  Your support is amazing!  

-Tami & Simon, April 2020

Your tenderness and ability to share is a marvel. Thank you.

Be well and know how much you are appreciated and loved,

-Kristy B. April 2020

Thank you for using that amazing light & frequency pad on my Pumpkin.  Her stomach looks so much better.  In combo with the essential oil spray you created, her scratching is so much better. You are a blessing for all 4 legged creatures!

-Chris. August 2019

Just amazing!  The difference in our dog with just one session is just amazing! Julie started with some calming essential oils and then proceeded to do a session of EFT Tapping. I am still astonished how my Bailey went into a corner, curled up in his bed and just simply chilled when she was done.  In subsequent sessions, Julie showed me how to tap myself and explained what oils to use, so bring on those thunderstorms.  We got this!  Thank you for all your help! 

-Terri July 2017

Milo was found tonight!!! Thanks Julie for your guidance and encouragement! You are amazing! Unbelievable! It turned out the people who found him have an outdoor grey cat! ( just like you said). They probably had been hanging together! I did the exercise you told me and a meditation calling him home and asked him to guide me to him if he couldn't get home...then as I was heading out in my bike to go look for him again, my phone rang and it was a neighbor telling me they found him!!! Thanks for your guidance and encouragement...infinite love and gratitude to you!  SJ-M May 22, 2016

Bless you and your gift! MaiMai is back home! I don't know what I would do without you! Thank you for the guidance and suggeting the trail of treats.  You are my hero! Thanks - once again - you ROCK!  

-ND & DD May 21, 2016

Hooray! We found one lost kitty last night! Happy to say Zeus is back home and snuggling with his folks! I was asked to communicate with him. I visioned him looking at the kitchen window so I knew he was nearby. I also saw a can of food out on their screened patio with the door cracked open so suggested leave a can out with the door cracked. One kitty at the kitchen window this morning. 


From the owners:   Julie was terrific and right on! Amazing to me and I am so grateful to her! We have our Zeus safely back home!

-Nadine  March 26, 2016

So grateful to Julie for her spot on reading for our dog. She helped us understand her quirks better and put my worry at ease. A wonderful gift Julie has - her reading was a blessing to us!  :)


Thank you again, Julie!!

With Much Appreciation,

-Jennifer E. January 2016 

This is amazing!  Your session may have helped.  I'm seeing imporvement today.  She (a frightened rescue)  is beginning ot trust me and actully comes to me for comfort,  Thank you so much for your assistance.

- Linda R. Janurary 2016

I thank you for the reading.  There is a special joy of recognition of Ellie and her specialness and our relationship that is like a sanctity/blessing experience shared here with you as 'interpreter' so to speak.  There is a lot of emotion with this process.   With the heart action and reaction I have, I know what you write is true. 

-I.Q.M January 2016

This is amazing Julie. Sounds like things that could have definitely happened to her. Your session may have helped, as I'm seeing improvement today. She is beginning to trust me and actually comes to me for comfort. Great info!

-Linda R.  February 2016

Thank you thank you thank you Julie.  
For all of your time, effort, insight, talent and additional information shared.  
I am grateful for you.
~Amber  January 2015

All I can say is "Awesome"! Spot on with what my lil pup is all about!  Thank you!

-Karen C. September 2015

When Julie first came to the house, both my boys were pacing, barking, anxious.  After explaining to me what EFT or tapping is, she suggested we try to see if we could calm the pups.  As crazy as it sounded, I thought why not.  It can't hurt.  I am still in disbelief!  Max had been pacing, barking endlessly.  After a few minutes tapping, he jumped on the sofa and went to sleep.  His whole demeaner shifted in a matter of minutes.  I am so happy to have met you.  Thank you again!  

~Peter  July 2014







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