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Help Your Dog Stay Calm  During Fireworks

Fireworks are terrifying to ALL animals

domestic dogs & cats, as well as all creatures in the wild.

July 4th is the biggest day of intake at the shelters

as so many pets run to escape the loud booms of the fireworks.

Keep them safe!

And remember all the poor critters in the wild too,

as they have no place to escape to for safety.

Most pets panic when they hear fireworks. They forget where they are and that they are in safe surroundings. They will bolt out of a house if they see an open door, they jump out a window if open, pull the leash out of your hand or even have snapped them, jump over the fence if left in the yard and run, run, run to escape the deafening sound.

You Can Help Your Dog Stay Calm

Be smart and exert precautions.

Keep them safe and secure!

A warm night, blankets on the grass and looking up at a dazzling firework display can be very enjoyable for us-but not for our dogs. The sounds, smells and lights can overwhelm even the calmest of dogs. Follow a few easy steps to help your dog handle fireworks and thunderstorms. Here a few steps to Stay Calm-

Exercise - When you know there will be fireworks, or even a thunderstorm, plan accordingly. The day of the event take your dog on a long and rigorous exercise jaunt. This will vary with every dog, their energy level and age. However, whatever is appropriate for your dog, get them tired! They'll be more likely to want to rest when all the activity starts.

Secure the Doors - When a dog is startled, they can easily wiggle through the smallest of openings. Secure any doors and windows in your home.

Stay Indoors - Speaking of your home, keep your dog inside during the time of fireworks. If at all possible, stay with your dog, too.

Comfort - Make a cozy place for your dog to retreat to. Fill her crate or other place of comfort with favorite toys and blankets.

Distractions - Turn on the TV for background noise, or better yet, play a Calming CD of Music Made for Dogs.

Specialty Products - You may want to consider some specialty products if the above tactics aren't enough.

  • An item that is often successful in relieving stress in dogs is a snugly fit Anti Anxiety Jacket or Coat such as a Thundersirt.

  • Another route to go is with calming essential oils. You can find Dog Safe Drops, Sprays and Diffusers that contain a blend of essential oils proven to help calm dogs.

  • Bach Flower remedies

*(Note: Oils such as Lavender or Grounding oils are best.....but make sure to use therapeutic grade oils and speak to a professional who knows how to use oils on animals. Remember, less is best! 1 drop goes a long way! Best to diffuse, but if you use topical cut with coconut oil. Email me to learn how to best use at

Your dog relies on you to help her feel calm and safe, so please consider applying one or all of the above suggestions if you have a stressed canine.

by: Michelle Johnson, Dog Treat Kitchen

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