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My pup is the queen of itch! And this time of year, it is completely out of control! She loves to lay on the patio or in the grass. It only takes one ant bite to start the vicious cycle. And somewhat allergic to grass, being low to the ground just exasperates things.

I have tried so many natural remedies with some success. This week she was so bad, the worse I have ever seen her. I just went back to basics - the allergy bomb. Bingo! Within a few hours everything calmed down. The rash dissipated, the white fur turned orange started to clear up and the itching was minimized. Every day it is a little better. We do have small sessions of non-stop scratching, but once I reapply the allergy remedy it quiets down again. This is a huge improvement over a few days ago when she was scratching all the time.

Remember to only use pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I only use brands that I know it are tested for purity and are safe to use on myself and my animals.

If you want to learn more, go to our 'aromatherapy' link. Or email us.

The Allergy Bomb

Create a mixture of equal parts of lemon, lavender and peppermint pure grade essential oils. Then add fractionated coconut oil (a liquified coconut oil). I do a 50% mixture of the 3 oils with 50% of the FCO. I put it in a small glass jar. Make sure to ONLY use glass, as pure citrus oils will break plastic down which means you will be putting toxins on your pup.

How to: Start slow. And remember, less is best! Shake the mixture, put a little on your hands and rub them together then lightly pet your pup. If they tolerate well, next time repeat it, but finish on their rear paws. You can also put some on their bites.

Important-Do not use this on cats. Citrus oils are toxic to cats.


This is an article from today's Dog Naturally magazine on other natural remedies to help with itching. I have tried many of these and they do work well. Only use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and limit the amount of baking soda you use, as in large amounts it can be toxic.

They call it “The Dog Days of Summer” for a reason! Our dogs enjoy summer just as much as we do. While you’re out together, your dogs are encountering the same perils as you. When you find you’re both scratching either from bug bites or rashes, don’t call the vet just yet! Effective remedies are already in your kitchen cabinets.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Corn Starch For Bug Bites

Mix the two until you have a thick paste and apply it. Vinegar takes the sting out of the burning itch. The cornstarch will help to draw it out and speed up healing.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Rashes

While their coats protect them from most plants, their bellies, groin and noses are susceptible. If those areas are red, swollen, irritated and/or itchy, it may be poison ivy, oak or some other irritating plant based oil. Mix 1:1 parts apple cider vinegar and cold water. Mist as needed for relief.

Dish Soap for Plant Based Rashes

Keep in mind that the oils may still be on their coats. So wear gloves while treating them. Giving a bath with organic, chemical-free dish soap will remove those oils before you treat the irritated areas. Otherwise you risk being infected yourself or reinfecting areas treated.

Witch Hazel As An Astringent

Apply Witch Hazel with a cotton ball to an itchy bite or sting for pain relief.

Pure Vanilla Extract For Bug Repellent

Two teaspoons of pure vanilla extract to one cup of water is a natural bug repellent! Mist as needed.

Epsom Salt For Inflammation

To soothe inflammation, mix two tablespoons of epsom salt in one cup of cool water. Soak a washcloth in the mixture and place on the irritated area. Change as required.

Vodka for Oil Removal

For spot removal of irritating plant oils apply vodka! The alcohol cuts through the oils so that it’s safe for you to handle and treat your dog.

*Vodka dries quickly, but still keep out of reach of the pet licking to be on the safe side.

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