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A little blind, senior Chihuahua is lost. She wandered off her ranch into the vast New Mexico desert on a hot summer afternoon. Her owners and friends are frantic. They call her name, they hear her bark, but they can’t find the sweet old soul. It’s hot and scary out there. Coyotes and other wild animals prevail and this little one could make a perfect snack.

After hours of searching, they are frantic. They need to find her before the wildlife does. They contact me as an animal communicator to help with the search. I connect and let them know what I sense. Some things resonate. Others confuse them – trickling water? “ It is the desert, no water here.” Chickens cackling? Cars like a highway? Big square white metal building? A green tractor – we never saw that out here? Sand. Trees. Pink and white low cover flowers. One tall cactus. And hearing over and over in my head the lyric “I’m just holding on for a tonight” from the song Chandelier. Where is this and where is she?

And then the validation! An email this morning:

“We went to the places you described – found chickens, green tractor, buildings. Yes, those were places. Just behind the chicken coop is a well (the trickling water) and it sits on a hill. From there you can see the low metal buildings. Our 4-wheeler we are driving around the property to look for her is green. The chicken area is also sandy. We walked and walked, but no sign. The coyotes were out last night and we were worried.” And in our conversation last night, yes, this area is near a highway, there are some trees, white brushy flowers, pink flowers. And the song I kept hearing last night? That makes sense too…….. I am going to say she was hiding from them so staying put for the night.

I love my job! Lets get this sweet girl home!

Click the “Intuitive” link to learn more how I can help with lost animals, behavior issues and all your animal communication needs.

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