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Attention Dog/Cat owners - It's Bufo Toad Season again!

Many people that are new to Florida do not know about the dangers of the toxic Bufo Toad that can kill your pet within minutes.

Giant Toads - also called Cane Toads or Marine Toads - range in size from 6 – 9 inches and may weigh more than 2 pounds.

These toads are toxic at almost every stage of their lives, as eggs, tadpoles and especially as adults. When threatened, adult toads secrete a white milky substance from the large parotid glands on the back of their head. The secretion is a potent bufotoxin, a skin irritant to humans and highly toxic to dogs and cats. Similar to the heart stimulant digitalis, the bufotoxin produced by the toad can induce a heart attack in dogs and cats. Dogs weighing as much as 80 lbs have died after biting a giant toad. They are attracted to lights, water and food dishes left outside.

Do not allow your animals outside off a leash.

Bring in water and food dishes. They can secrete their poison on the dish and the dog can be poisoned without even coming in direct contact of the Toad.

If your dog does come in contact, wash out their mouth with a hose sideways, do not allow the water to go down their throat. You can also wipe their mouths with a wet wash cloth and RUSH THEM TO THE VET. IMMEDIATELY. Nothing kills them! Every predator they have dies from biting them.

They are invasive. They can squeeze onto screened terrace.

Even them touching the food or water can kill a dog just from the secretions they leave behind. Don't leave food or water outside. They will eat hard cat and dog food and leave the toxins in the remaining food or on the bowl. They will lie in the water bowls.

They invade some yards especially if you are by a lake.

You have to be diligent because during the day they hide in the shadows and your dogs may still find them.

Please be aware and share with all dog and cat owners.

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