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We all know dental care is an important part of keeping teeth healthy, even for pets! Periodontal gum disease is quite common in dogs especially. Plaque builds up on the gums and teeth leading to a host of problems due to bacteria build up. Bad breathe, bleeding gums, discolored teeth are some of the symptoms to alert us to a potential problem. If not addressed more serious situations can occur including serious infections even affecting the heart, Even young dogs are subject to these problems, so it is best to start a dental program early on.

Brushing a dog’s teeth a 3-5 times a week may add years to your dog's life! Unfortunately, people think brushing a pet's teeth is not an easy task and will make excuses that it is too difficult to do or try and give up easily. Realty is, it's not hard at all! All you need is a pet toothbrush formulated to fit their pet’s mouths and pet (never human) toothpaste. Many pets view the toothpaste as a treat as it comes in flavors such as mint, poultry or beef.

Some pets and/or their owners just cannot deal with the actual teeth brushing. No worries here! A few products offer alternate, more holistic approaches that are safe and effective. PetzLife uses 100% all natural product such as grapefruit seed extract in their gel and spray. The gel can be rubbed on a pet’s teeth via a finger or a toothbrush. The spray is fabulous for those finicky pets that don’t like having a foreign object put in their mouth. Just a few quick sprays, and they are all set. No brushing necessary! Plaque and tartar breaks down, breath improves and the pets will hopefully need fewer trips to the vet for dental care. There are also a host of chewable treats that help dogs with tarter. Greenies leave their breath fresh and clean. Nylabone, as well as some toys, stimulate the gums deterring tartar build up.

A protocol of therapeutic grade essential oils tailored for animals can also be used to calm a pet during brushing time. There also pastes and solutions with Pure Essential Oils that you can create yourself to use as an alternate dental solution.

This is a great time of year to tie into the discounts many vets offer their customers if you schedule a cleaning during February, so take advantage of this national promotion. Talk to your vet about your pets’ dental care and establish a routine that works for you keep your furry loved ones out of the dental chair. If you are interested in learning more about any of these options & treatments or obtaining any dental products, please contact me.

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